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About Us


For commercial photographers our first clients are usually a big influence on the direction of our careers, our methods, and even the look of our work.

My first major client was a nationally known artist / furniture designer / architectural designer, who hired me because I could produce the soft "1940's" look he wanted. Working with him was, (and still is) a unique opportunity which allowed me to do in-studio product photography, as well as shooting many high-end architectural projects and art exhibits across the country. 

The work required that I shoot large out-of-town projects alone and usually without much time, which required me to learn simplicity, speed, and efficiency.

Now, after fifteen years, I still specialize in Architectural Photography, Art Documentation, and Product Photography. I still prefer a light, natural look in my photos. (But I can definitely get dark and dramatic when it's appropriate. See "Quinn's Pub" in the architectural portfolio). I still shoot quickly, without assistants and use only the gear I can haul through airports myself. I still keep it simple and quick, and I keep it about the project, not the photography. I enjoy a flow and I get in a zone that just can't happen directing assistants and moving truckloads of equipment. Now I shoot simply and quickly because that's how I get the best photographs. Hopefully you like the results.


How I Work (Creative Control):

The best value I can provide for my clients is to use my skill, education, experience and "eye" not only to produce great individual images, but to tell the most complete story possible and illustrate their work in the best possible way. Having creative control is necessary in order to for me to accomplish this for them. Clients are always welcome on all my shoots. It is very important to me to spend plenty of time listening to their requirements and preferences before I begin, and I like to have them there for consultation during the shoot, but once the shooting starts, I make the photographic decisions. I know from experience that my best work happens, and my clients are most satisfied when this process is followed. 


About This Site:

Unlike most websites, I've decided to go with several images from a given project on each page, rather than a collection of unrelated single images. Telling a compelling story of each project using a series of images is an important aspect of what I do, so I'm including multiple images from each project to illustrate that facet of my photography.

All images on this site are from actual jobs, paid for and appreciated by my clients. No "student portfolio" or "on spec" shots here. Whenever possible I have made links to publications and client's sites available on the "Links" page so you can see the actual end usage of many of the images.

I have more pages than are displayed here at any one time, and new ones being completed all the time. I try to rotate more onto the site on a regular basis. I hope you'll check back often.

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