crafted by photobiz



I charge a day rate for shooting time, with half-day and minimum charges as they apply.


Digital contact sheets/thumbnails are provided to the client for selection of final images.


I charge an additional flat processing fee for each final image. Fee includes basic Photoshop retouching,

color correction, resizing, optimizing for print and web use, recording to DVD, and archiving.


A high-res, ready-for-print TIFF file, and web-optimized JPEG file is delivered of each selected image.


Rights for website, portfolio, small-scale advertising and editorial usage, are included.


Rights for national advertising and large-scale editorial usage are available at an additional, negotiated fee.


Sharing of images and splitting of costs are allowed at an additional fee. (25% for each additional user)


Specific prices, Rights and Usage agreement, and Terms and Conditions Statement are available on request.